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About me

Let's introduce myself

Who am I?

I'm Sytze Koster. A student from The Netherlands. I love to be creative, design and develop the future.

Sytze Koster

I’m Sytze Koster. A student from The Netherlands. Born on 8 december 1994 in Dokkum. I love to design and develop for the future.

I’ve started a study called Application Developer at ROC Friese Poort in 2011. I’m a developer at the company WIND Internet since september 2012. On my internship at first and later as employee. I develop a lot of websites for municipalities at WIND internet. My experience with coding has grown a lot since I started here.

I went to BBS Varel in Germany for my last internship. I’ve made 400 network-bootable machines that could be managed by a web-interface. You are able to set the image to boot from, reboot/shutdown the machines, group the machines and set the location of the three schools with it.

It was a huge and very big challenge to be in a different country and communicate in a different language. However, in the end I got the job done! That’s something I’m very proud of.

I have started a new study at Hanzehogeschool Groningen in September of 2014 . I am studying Interactive Media Technologies at this school. I can work towards my future through this study.

My story

  • Web and mobile services
    Date: 7 september 2014
    On september the 7th, 2014. I'll start a new study : Web and mobile services at Hanze Hogeschool Groningen. I'm verry exited to begin this new Read more...
  • Interantional Internship : BBS Varel
    Date: 24 februari 2014
    For my final intership I went to Varel, Germany. On this school I have made a Thinclient Managing system with bootable pc from the network. Read more...
  • WIND Internet employee
    Date: 23 januari 2013
    After my intership at WIND Internet the offert me a job. Until now I have to work parttime for WIND Internet. I work a lot Read more...
  • Internship : WIND Internet
    Date: 14 februari 2012
    I started my internship at the company WIND Internet where I had to develop websites with TYPO3 and webshops in Magento. I improved myself a Read more...
  • Become a Developer
    Date: 12 september 2011
    I started the study Application developer at the ROC Friese Poort, to learn the basics of development. I started to get used to work with Read more...
  • Trial and error
    Date: 28 januari 2009
    I was very impressed by the games that I played a lot. To build your own pc, be in a clan and setup a teamspeak Read more...
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My experience

These are the skills that I already know and also know how to use them. I would like to learn and improve myself more, a lot more!

My skills

HTML5 / CSS3 · 90%
TYPO3 · 70%
PHP5 / MySQL · 65%
JQUERY · 60%
LINUX · 50%
JAVA · 20%

How i developed these skills


Projects that I have made. These projects were made for clients and school projects


If you like to get in contact with me than, here are some ways to reach me.

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Houtmûne 15

Dokkum, 9102 EG

+031 631 061 500

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